Tuesday, July 23, 2013

T1D Celebrities at Children's Congress

At Children's Congress there were a bunch of celebrities who have Type 1 Diabetes (T1D).

Mary Mouser:
Mary Mouser is an actress.  She stars in: ABC's Body of Proof (Which I have not seen) and the Disney Movie Frenemies (I only saw the beginning but I loved it and I really want to see the rest).

Aaron Kowalski:
Aaron Kowalski is a researcher and the head of the Artificial Pancreas Project.

Charlie Kimball:
Charlie Kimball is a race car driver.  He said that on his steering wheel he has air pressure, speed, blood sugar from his cgm...=)

Brian Kenny:
Brian Kenny is an MLB sportscaster.  He does not have Diabetes, but his daughter Camille does.

Crystal Bowersox:
Crystal Bowersox was on American Idol.  All of the delegates got to sing with her!

Gary Hall Jr.
Gary Hall Jr. has won ten olympic medals in swimming and is part of the olympic hall of fame!

Leslee Adkins:
Leslee Adkins is a writer and journalist.  See that pink thing on her shirt that looks like an i-phone?  Its not!  It an insulin pump called the T-Slim!

Jean Smart, Ray Allen (His son, Walker, who was a delegate has diabetes), Nicole Johnson, and Sam Talbot were also there but I did not get pictures with them.

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Sunday, July 21, 2013

It was great meeting so many delegates while in D.C.

                                                         Allison from CA
                                                   Megan from Nova Scotia, Canada
                                                            Alexis and Cerriah from FL
                                                                      Gilad from MA
                                                          Justin from SC,    Cindy from CA

Rebecca from IN, Jaden & Deven from KY

                                                                Tacy from MD
                                                             Anna and Emma from MN!
                                                            Klaire from IL
                                                     me, Wyatt, Kimmy & Shelby - WI Delegates

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Children's Congress Pictures

I am back from Washington D.C.!  There is only one word to describe it: AMAZING!

Here are some pictures:
Out to lunch!  From left to right: Amber, Eileen, Rachel, Amelia, Lyndsey

Amelia and Rachel getting ready for the song
From left to right: Amelia, Rachel, Anna, Emma

Out to dinner!  From left to right: Rachel (not the blogger), Rachel (the blogger), Eileen, Lyndsey, Amber, Amelia

Me in front of the capitol building!

All of the PA delegates and an international delegate!  From left to right: Amelia, Brett, Mikalae, Nikki (international), Hannah, Caroline

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Blue Nails for Children's Congress!

I am painting my nails blue for Children's Congress!  Children's Congress is in 2 days!  I am so excited!  

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Lauren's Hope- T1D Medical Bracelets

Hey guys!
As a lot of you know, Lauren's Hope is a fabulous company that makes medical bracelets, specifically for Type One Diabetes! They have a fun and funky variety of pretty medical bracelets that you can engrave with your own information. I have been ordering from here ever since I was diagnosed and the variety of bracelets grow with you as well. :-)
Here is the link:
Have fun finding a bracelet that matches YOU!!! :-)

Our 1500th Pageview!!!!

Hey guys!
We just got our 1500th pageview!!! It's so exciting!!!
Also, Children's Congress is only 6 days away!!!
I will be keeping you all posted while Amelia, Shannon and I are at Children's Congress.
Be sure to check back here at Walking to Washington!
-Rachel :-)

Monday, July 1, 2013

Diabetes on Disney Channel!

There is a video about a boy with Type 1 Diabetes on Disney Channel!  It is really cool!