Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Inactiveness, diabetes issues, New Years

Hello diabetics and non-diabetics!


It is Indigo, 'case you don't remember me.


Soo this blog post is saying a few things...

1. Inactivity

So you may have noticed we haven't posted for about 2 months. :c Amelia said she was having diabetes problems and Shannon and I were having computer problems... I'm not sure about Rachel...

2. Diabetes issues

Alright. Where do I begin?
Lets start in December...

In December, I was having extreme highs. And I mean like 302, 299, 370...
And I was having averages of 200 an 190. :c
Now, yesterday, I had a 210, then 264, then 426, then 303, 298, and ended up with a 118.
Sooooo really bad numbers.
And I got the pump delivered, but some of the stuff got recalled. -.-

3. New Years

Who else kept track of the stuff they last did/had in 2013?

Last thing I ate in 2013: A cookie ice cream sandwhich
Last thing I drank in 2013: a diet Dr Pepper
Last thing I said of 2013: "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH"
Last number of 2013: 75
First number of 2014: 104

Anyways I will be posting more c:

~Indigo c: