Saturday, November 2, 2013


Hey guys! Sorry for not posting for a long LONG time.
Soooo, on August 31st my dad took me to a PREPUMP CLASS! That means I am in training and still getting ready for my pump! I have 2 pumps I really want.
1.  T-Slim Pump

2.  One-Touch Ping

Those are the ones I REALLY want. If you have one of these, can you write a review in the comments?

Indigo ;)

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Amelia's 5th Diabetes Dash!

On October 19 I am going to have Amelia's Diabetes Dash where I ask people to come to a park with thier bikes, scooters, roller skates, a picnic lunch (we will have snacks there) and a donation for JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation).  It is a lot of fun while raising money for JDRF!
Click here for more info:
I hope you can come!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

JDRF 2013 Children's Congress Delegate Blog

Hi! I am a blogger on the Children's Congress Delegate blog!  Here is the link to one of my posts:  Capital Hill Essentials and here is a link to my other post: A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words.
Please check it out!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


So a couple nights ago I watched the movie Frenemies!  It was really good!  Mary Mouser is a great actress.  If you have not seen this movie yet you should watch it.  It is cool to think that while you are watching the movie you have no idea that anybody has Type 1 Diabetes.  Have you seen Frenemies?  Did you like it?  What is your favorite story?  Please comment and tell me!
I got this picture from


Thursday, August 22, 2013

I know a story, sad but true

I have a story, sad but true...
It is about a little girl named Marleigh.  She has Type 1 Diabetes and Leukemia.  There is not much else to say except PLEASE DONATE!  This family is going through so much and need as much money and support as they can get.  Here is the website: Miracle For Marleigh.

Here are some pictures of her (all pictures are from
Please make a miracle for Marleigh!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Children's Congress!!!

This summer I had the AMAZING opportunity to go to Washington, D.C. and meet with our state's Congressmen and their staff. 5 other NJ delegates and I shared our stories with our Congressmen and asked them to continue funding for a cure. I even had the chance to personally shake hands with our Vice President; Joe Biden!!! I have to say, Children's Congress was truly amazing... To wake up in the morning knowing that there was 160 other Type One Diabetics that were going to breakfast with measuring cups, their blood sugar meter, juice boxes, insulin, and all of the other necessary things needed to keep themselves alive. - It made me feel like I was just any other kid. 

Children's Congress was also very inspiring; not only for me but for all 161 delegates from across the U.S. and around the world. There were also many great Celebrity Role-Models who are Type One Diabetics as well. The list includes Mary Mouser (an actress who starred in Frienemies!), Charlie Kimball (Indiana 500 Race-car Driver), Sam Talbot (Chef who works with the Food Network), and many more! Even NBA Star Ray Allen appeared in honor of his son, Walker Allen, who is a T1D as well. Many delegates (including ME!! :), had the chance to ask some of these role-models questions about how they manage their T1D while pursuing their dreams at the same time. It made me realize that I can do anything I want, even though my T1D makes things really difficult for me. 
Even though the government is funding research for T1D now, in September of 2014 funding for the Special Diabetes Program will expire!!! The SDP is one of the main programs funding research for a cure, contributing $150 million each year it is renewed. If funding for this program stops, every project focused on finding a cure stops.  Research that helps me, and millions of other Type One Diabetics not have to prick our fingers, check our blood-sugars, get shots of insulin, and all of the other difficult things that come with being a Type One Diabetic. That’s why we all of us delegates went to D.C. this summer to continue the funding!!!!! :-)
Overall,  I have to say...
Children's Congress was an AMAZING once-in-a-lifetime experience! :-)
I made so many life-long friends and also made so many amazing memories.
Children's Congress was so much fun, I made so many friends, and I really hope that we all made a difference!
Let's help turn Type One into Type NONE!
-Rachel :-) <3

Monday, August 19, 2013

Mary Mouser

I am crazy about Mary Mouser!  Mary Mouser is an actress from the Disney movie "Frenemies" and ABC's "Body of Proof".   I met her at Children's Congress.  She is really, really, really nice!  I remember the time that JDRF announced the celebrities for Children's Congress: Rachel and me were FaceTimeing and Rachel said that she had just seen somebody post on Facebook that the celebrity e-mail was out.  We quickly checked our e-mails and saw the celebrities.  I was so excited!  I was looking at all of them and seeing who they were and then Rachel said "Look!  She's from Frenemies!" and I got really excited becuase I had just watched the beginning of Frenemies a couple days before.  And then I asked her who and she said Mary Mouser!  We both were so excited!  Then when we were in Washington and Rachel, Me, and a couple of other girls were standing near the elevaters at the hotel and we saw her get out of one of the elevaters and we all got really excited!  After that she was a couple of people behind me while I was waiting in line for dinner.  I found Rachel at the back of the line and she came up with me to get her autograph.  She also complemented my nails and my necklace!  Then we were at a dinner for Children's Congress and I went up to her and she took a picture with me!
Mary Mouser is AWESOME!!!  
Tonight Frenemies is on Disney Channel at 9:00.  


Saturday, August 17, 2013

Summer Jamboree!

Earlier today I went to a Summer Jamboree for diabetic patients and their families at the hospital I go to! It was really fun!  Me, my mom, and my sister (Leah) went.  Here are some pictures:
Leah and me with Lenny the Lion!  I wore my Children's Congress t-shirt.
I got my face painted!


Tuesday, August 13, 2013


I am missing Children's Congress so much.  One month ago at this time I had just gotten home from Washington three days before.  I miss so many things.

  • I miss seeing everybody everyday.  
  • I miss watching everybody check their blood sugars and bolus on their insulin pumps.  
  • I miss seeing Crystal Bowersox in line at Starbucks or standing in the elevator with Mary Mouser.  
  • I miss seeing all of the other delegates at breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  
  • I miss knowing that everywhere I go there will be another Type 1 Diabetic there too.  
  • I miss not carrying around my Children's Congress bag with my schedule and camera. 
  • I miss going to bed and knowing the next morning will be another great day of Children's Congress. 
  • I miss sleeping in the same hotel as 161 families with Type 1 Diabetics.  
  • I miss getting up early and riding the elevator down to breakfast to see all of the other delegates.  
  • I miss wearing my Children's Congress shirt and khakis.
I miss everything about Children's Congress.


Me at Children's Congress

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

T1D Celebrities at Children's Congress

At Children's Congress there were a bunch of celebrities who have Type 1 Diabetes (T1D).

Mary Mouser:
Mary Mouser is an actress.  She stars in: ABC's Body of Proof (Which I have not seen) and the Disney Movie Frenemies (I only saw the beginning but I loved it and I really want to see the rest).

Aaron Kowalski:
Aaron Kowalski is a researcher and the head of the Artificial Pancreas Project.

Charlie Kimball:
Charlie Kimball is a race car driver.  He said that on his steering wheel he has air pressure, speed, blood sugar from his cgm...=)

Brian Kenny:
Brian Kenny is an MLB sportscaster.  He does not have Diabetes, but his daughter Camille does.

Crystal Bowersox:
Crystal Bowersox was on American Idol.  All of the delegates got to sing with her!

Gary Hall Jr.
Gary Hall Jr. has won ten olympic medals in swimming and is part of the olympic hall of fame!

Leslee Adkins:
Leslee Adkins is a writer and journalist.  See that pink thing on her shirt that looks like an i-phone?  Its not!  It an insulin pump called the T-Slim!

Jean Smart, Ray Allen (His son, Walker, who was a delegate has diabetes), Nicole Johnson, and Sam Talbot were also there but I did not get pictures with them.

Also, check out these blog posts about Children's Congress:
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Sunday, July 21, 2013

It was great meeting so many delegates while in D.C.

                                                         Allison from CA
                                                   Megan from Nova Scotia, Canada
                                                            Alexis and Cerriah from FL
                                                                      Gilad from MA
                                                          Justin from SC,    Cindy from CA

Rebecca from IN, Jaden & Deven from KY

                                                                Tacy from MD
                                                             Anna and Emma from MN!
                                                            Klaire from IL
                                                     me, Wyatt, Kimmy & Shelby - WI Delegates

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Children's Congress Pictures

I am back from Washington D.C.!  There is only one word to describe it: AMAZING!

Here are some pictures:
Out to lunch!  From left to right: Amber, Eileen, Rachel, Amelia, Lyndsey

Amelia and Rachel getting ready for the song
From left to right: Amelia, Rachel, Anna, Emma

Out to dinner!  From left to right: Rachel (not the blogger), Rachel (the blogger), Eileen, Lyndsey, Amber, Amelia

Me in front of the capitol building!

All of the PA delegates and an international delegate!  From left to right: Amelia, Brett, Mikalae, Nikki (international), Hannah, Caroline

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Blue Nails for Children's Congress!

I am painting my nails blue for Children's Congress!  Children's Congress is in 2 days!  I am so excited!  

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Lauren's Hope- T1D Medical Bracelets

Hey guys!
As a lot of you know, Lauren's Hope is a fabulous company that makes medical bracelets, specifically for Type One Diabetes! They have a fun and funky variety of pretty medical bracelets that you can engrave with your own information. I have been ordering from here ever since I was diagnosed and the variety of bracelets grow with you as well. :-)
Here is the link:
Have fun finding a bracelet that matches YOU!!! :-)

Our 1500th Pageview!!!!

Hey guys!
We just got our 1500th pageview!!! It's so exciting!!!
Also, Children's Congress is only 6 days away!!!
I will be keeping you all posted while Amelia, Shannon and I are at Children's Congress.
Be sure to check back here at Walking to Washington!
-Rachel :-)

Monday, July 1, 2013

Diabetes on Disney Channel!

There is a video about a boy with Type 1 Diabetes on Disney Channel!  It is really cool!

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Children's Congress!

Children's Congress is in 1 week from tomorrow!  I can't wait!  It is going to be so awesome!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Low Blood Sugar Week Day: 3

       Hi Blog readers!
My favorite snack to make my blood sugar go in range is....... A banana! is about 15 grams of carb and healthy! Bananas taste good and are good for you. This is my favorite snack to help my blood sugar when I'm low.

I also drink chocolate milk especially in the middle of the night. The sugar in it gets my #s up and the fat/protein help keep my #s steady. It's 14 grams of carb for 1/2 cup.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Low Blood Sugar Treating Week- Day 2

Hey everyone!
Today I'm going to share what I use to treat my low blood sugars. A low blood sugar is a number below 70.
JUICY JUICE- 15 grams 

I use Juicy Juice Boxes (4.23 fl. oz) when I'm low. This is great as it boosts up your sugar quickly, however, if you are about to go to bed and want to sustain your number for the night, I would recommend having something with protein. (peanut butter, dairy, etc)


Sometimes I even use M&M's or chocolate when I'm low. One M&M is 1/2 a gram, so you end up getting a sweet treat as well!!! :-)

Hope this helps you guys out a bit!
Rachel :-)

Monday, June 17, 2013

Low Blood Sugar Treating Week - Day 1

Hi!  This week we are going to do a Low Blood Sugar Treating week.  Each of us are going to post one day this week about what we use to treat low blood sugars.

Here is what I use to treat low blood sugars:

Gourmet Jelly Beans (1 carb per jelly bean)

 Juice Box (23 carbs per juice box)

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Heritage Week - Day 3


My family is from a couple of different backgrounds.  Part of my family is from Russia, and they left Russia because they were Jewish.  My mom grew up Jewish and my grandparents are Jewish and eat a lot of traditional foods which I really like.  Today I am going to post about something different, my Jewish heritage.   Some of my favorite foods include:

This is a delicious noodle dish.  The only thing is, it is pretty high in carbs.  Approximately 22 carbs per 1/2 cup.

The other delicious food that I am going to post about today is...

 Matzo Ball Soup
I love matzo ball soup.  It is approximately 9-10 carbs for a cup.  

Have a good day!

(These are not my pictures.  I found them off of google images)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Heritage Week - Day 2

Hi! My mom's family is from Ireland (how I got my name Shannon!)
One of the foods we like to bake especially on St.Patrick's Day is
Irish Soda Bread. It is really good to eat when it is warm. it's about
16 grams per slice.

Another favorite is Irish Stew. It has lamb, potatoes, carrots,onions. Can eat
the soda bread with it! 1  1/2 cups is about 17 grams.

See ya later!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Heritage Food Week- Day 1

Hi guys!!! This week we are doing a Heritage Food week!!! We will each post about foods from our ethnic backgrounds and if they are high or low carbs.

My family is from South Korea and Indonesia. There, the foods are DELICIOUS!
One food from South Korea is kalbi. It's pretty much Korean BBQ ribs! They are super-yummy and very low in carbs. The meat has no carbs, so it's just the BBQ sauce that is used when it is made. Usually, they are 5-7 carbs each.  

Another food that is from both South Korea and Indonesia is rice. Rice is a major carb however is made in many different ways across the world. Regular cooked rice is usually 7 or 8 carbs for a quarter cup; while if it's fried rice(super yummy with chicken, veggies, etc) a quarter cup can range from 12-16 carbs. 

Another food from Indonesia is satay. It is marinated chicken on skewers; so kind of like chicken-ka-bobs. :-) It is very low in carbs as well; but that always depends on the type/amount of sauce or spices used to marinate it. Either way, it is always very delicious!!!!! Most people also add melted peanut butter sauce on top. Peanut butter is a good source of protein as well!     

I hope that taught you a little bit about the foods from my heritage! Foods are delicious all around the world and usually, you can find a way to carb-count them for us Type One Diabetics!!!
Stay cool!
Rachel :-)