Tuesday, August 13, 2013


I am missing Children's Congress so much.  One month ago at this time I had just gotten home from Washington three days before.  I miss so many things.

  • I miss seeing everybody everyday.  
  • I miss watching everybody check their blood sugars and bolus on their insulin pumps.  
  • I miss seeing Crystal Bowersox in line at Starbucks or standing in the elevator with Mary Mouser.  
  • I miss seeing all of the other delegates at breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  
  • I miss knowing that everywhere I go there will be another Type 1 Diabetic there too.  
  • I miss not carrying around my Children's Congress bag with my schedule and camera. 
  • I miss going to bed and knowing the next morning will be another great day of Children's Congress. 
  • I miss sleeping in the same hotel as 161 families with Type 1 Diabetics.  
  • I miss getting up early and riding the elevator down to breakfast to see all of the other delegates.  
  • I miss wearing my Children's Congress shirt and khakis.
I miss everything about Children's Congress.


Me at Children's Congress

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