Monday, August 19, 2013

Mary Mouser

I am crazy about Mary Mouser!  Mary Mouser is an actress from the Disney movie "Frenemies" and ABC's "Body of Proof".   I met her at Children's Congress.  She is really, really, really nice!  I remember the time that JDRF announced the celebrities for Children's Congress: Rachel and me were FaceTimeing and Rachel said that she had just seen somebody post on Facebook that the celebrity e-mail was out.  We quickly checked our e-mails and saw the celebrities.  I was so excited!  I was looking at all of them and seeing who they were and then Rachel said "Look!  She's from Frenemies!" and I got really excited becuase I had just watched the beginning of Frenemies a couple days before.  And then I asked her who and she said Mary Mouser!  We both were so excited!  Then when we were in Washington and Rachel, Me, and a couple of other girls were standing near the elevaters at the hotel and we saw her get out of one of the elevaters and we all got really excited!  After that she was a couple of people behind me while I was waiting in line for dinner.  I found Rachel at the back of the line and she came up with me to get her autograph.  She also complemented my nails and my necklace!  Then we were at a dinner for Children's Congress and I went up to her and she took a picture with me!
Mary Mouser is AWESOME!!!  
Tonight Frenemies is on Disney Channel at 9:00.  


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