Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Altruette jewlery - JDRF

Hi everyone! I was recently shopping when I spotted some SUPER cute bracelet charms! Proceeds made by Altruette charms each go to different charities! There is one for the Sea Turtle Conservancy, one to help stop bullying, and one to help find a cure for Type One Diabetes! It is a bracelet charm that looks like a diary and it says that as Type One Diabetics, we have a lot of stories to tell! (which as you all know, is definitely true) :-) Some of the money that is used to buy this charm goes to JDRF; so you can donate and be fashionable at the same time!!!!
Here is a picture of the charm:

ANNNNDDD..... Here is the link for the website: Altruette Charms
That is the link for the girls/tweens/teens (Teeeheeheee) charms
But they also make charms that come in gold and sterling silver for adults and young adults!
Hope you can order these online or find them in a store near you!
Rachel :-)

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