Sunday, January 4, 2015


hello everyone! its been quite a while, hasnt it? almost a whole year. and believe me ; i apologize for this. the past year has been a bit busy for me. in august, i shattered my radial head; having a cast on for 2 months. we fostered 65 cats; most being sick. and mostly, the other admins havent been doing a great job reminding each other..

which is why i will be making my own blog, and i will post much more there. 
i will, however, still post here. however, as i will be the (possibly) only admin, i can't do giveaways, and the thing i was going to give away, got lost. but heyyy! i might find some old meter to giveaway. i will be MUCH more active in the summer ; around may - september. eventually, i will be posting every day. 

tomorrow, i will be uploading another blog, this time about diabetes. 

thank you! i hope you had a good holiday!

//// indigo 

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