Tuesday, January 20, 2015

it has almost been 2 years

hello, everyone! welcome back.
do you remember when you got diagnosed? because, i do. in fact, on February 12th, it will be 2 years since i've had diabetes! 2 years and 1 day ago, i started feeling my symptoms.

fatigue, going to the bathroom a lot, drinking a lot. i lost 12 pounds because i wouldn't eat. i knew something was wrong, because my mom took us to our favorite pizza place... and i didn't eat anything. i was just refusing. if i did eat, i would sleep for hours.

finally, after my mom realized it wasn't just a cold, she called the doctor. i remember when she got scared ; the lights were all the way up, and the tv was on, yet i was sleeping. she called my nan, to see if she should take me to the ER or just the doctor. after explaining the symptoms, my nan agreed that just the doctor was okay.

the next day -- February 12th -- around 7:30 AM, i was woken up to go to the doctor. i had to bring a urine sample, and it could only be from first thing in the morning, as the first morning urine is the strongest. i brought 2 bottles of water, and my mom made me bring cereal. i drank the water, and we had to stop 3 times so i could pee. my doctor IS an hour away, and i had keytones.

once we got in the parking lot - around 8:45, my mom made me eat some cereal. and believe me, i was starved. but i couldn't eat it, my body was rejecting food. i finally got down about a handful, and then off into the doctors office we went.

once i got back into the room, my doctor took the urine sample from me, and sent it out so they could test it. this took about 15 minutes, so my mom and i were just playing on our phones. 5 minutes later, the doctor came in to test my blood while we were waiting. they had a really.. complex meter. they pricked my finger (which at the time felt like death), and my blood sugar was actually, only around 320-350. however, this is OBVIOUSLY way too high!

once my urine results came back, the doctor said, "We assume she has Type 1 Diabetes. We need you to go home right now and pack a bag, then go to the emergency room.". my mom was bawling her eyes out, while i was sitting there, confused. of course, i was 9 and thought i couldnt have any kind of unhealthy food EVER again.. i was wrong.

we went home, and told my brothers the news. they ran upstairs, got my suitcase, and packed it with legos, drawing pads, markers, stuffed animals, and water bottles. my mom packed my clothes, and called my nan to come down. my doctor is connected to CHOP (Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia, the best hospital in the country!), and CHOP is only around 20-30 minutes away from our house.

once we got there, i had to wait a little bit. for SOME reason, i always wanted to stay in a hospital. i probably read too many books about running around the hospital when i was younger. soon after, they called us back, took my weight, height, etc..

i was EXTREMELY dehydrated. the nurses came in to give me my IVs, and it took Jeremy, one of my nurses, around 6 times, before John took over. It still took John 3 tries. i got 2 in ; one on my hand, and the other in my upper arm.

if i went on any further, i would just be telling you all about my time in the hospital! i apologize.

anyway, last year ; Feb. 12th, 2014, i got my insulin pump! ahh.. it was amazing. the same day, we got a new dog, named axel! i still have this goofball.

ehh.. thats all! 

goodbye , i hope you have a good week.


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