Friday, May 24, 2013

High Carb Day - Friday

Hi! Today is High Carb Friday! Here are our favorite high carb foods:


My favorite high carb food is fries.

I love fries. They are pretty high in carbs, and make my blood go all over the place.

Favorite high carb food: Bagels
Bagels are so delicious.  I love them with cream cheese, sliced cheese, olives...yum.  Anyways, usually somebody can just pick up a bagel and eat it right?  Well, if you have diabetes, you can't.  You need to:

  1. Check your blood sugar.
  2. If your blood sugar is high you need to give yourself more insulin
  3. Give insulin for the bagel
You will have to deal with high blood sugars for a couple of hours afterwards.

Fave high carb food..... Pizza!!!!!
Pizza, as everyone knows, is SUPER delicious! From the creamy, melty mozzarella cheese to the spunky tomato sauce and crispy crust...Yum!
Pizza is awesome, except it's harder for T1D's to eat and manage their sugars for it. For all fellow "pumpers", you know that pizza lasts LONG in your body. It will sustain your levels at an above-average number for hours, so you usually have to do a dual-wave bolus. For people on injections, it's also very hard since one insulin injection only lasts about 3 hours in your body. Since pizza lasts for much longer, your insulin doesn't meet up with this high-carb food. Your levels would do a little dip and then an hour later go high!!!! (Crazy, right?) 
Anyways, even though high carb foods are a little harder to manage for us Type One Diabetics, we still get through it and end up with a glad smile on our faces and a full stomach! :-) :P

My favorite high   carbs   is.......  DOUGHNUTS!!!!!!!!
Their all different shapes and flavors, but i like choc. breading, choc. frosting and sprinkles!!!!       It has a lot of carbs  so you have to get a HUGE shot.

What is your favorite high carb food?  Please comment and tell us!

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