Monday, June 10, 2013

Heritage Food Week- Day 1

Hi guys!!! This week we are doing a Heritage Food week!!! We will each post about foods from our ethnic backgrounds and if they are high or low carbs.

My family is from South Korea and Indonesia. There, the foods are DELICIOUS!
One food from South Korea is kalbi. It's pretty much Korean BBQ ribs! They are super-yummy and very low in carbs. The meat has no carbs, so it's just the BBQ sauce that is used when it is made. Usually, they are 5-7 carbs each.  

Another food that is from both South Korea and Indonesia is rice. Rice is a major carb however is made in many different ways across the world. Regular cooked rice is usually 7 or 8 carbs for a quarter cup; while if it's fried rice(super yummy with chicken, veggies, etc) a quarter cup can range from 12-16 carbs. 

Another food from Indonesia is satay. It is marinated chicken on skewers; so kind of like chicken-ka-bobs. :-) It is very low in carbs as well; but that always depends on the type/amount of sauce or spices used to marinate it. Either way, it is always very delicious!!!!! Most people also add melted peanut butter sauce on top. Peanut butter is a good source of protein as well!     

I hope that taught you a little bit about the foods from my heritage! Foods are delicious all around the world and usually, you can find a way to carb-count them for us Type One Diabetics!!!
Stay cool!
Rachel :-)

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